Welcome to the CALDO Pre-Assessment

Read Before Registering

1. Who should use this Pre-Assessment:

This service is only available to candidates that are considering to apply to financing (scholarships, loans) from countries we have agreements with. Please visit our website to confirm which the current countries are.

2. Purpose of the Pre Assessment:

This pre-assessment is meant for you to contact prospective supervisors for Thesis Based Master and PhD programs.

If you are applying to a Course Based Master no supervisor is required, therefore the use of this platform is not applicable.

3. How to Use it:

To begin or continue your application, create an account or login with an existing account using the form on the side of this page.

Instructional videos on applying are available for graduate process are available here.

For clarification on how to create specific documents please visit our website (www.caldo.ca) section Tool to Apply.

Any questions regarding this platform or CALDO universities graduate programs please contact: graduate.coordinator@caldo.ca

4. This is not the final application:

This is a tool to enable you to contact supervisors. The final application will need to be made using the university website.